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Welicoruss release new documentary - 15 Years of Madness

Symphonic Black Metal From The Coldest Depths of Siberia is what Welicoruss delivers each and every time they take to the stage. The band appeared in Europe for the first time around four years ago and they have already played all the biggest festivals across on the mainland, playing over 320 shows.

Having accomplished all that the band has just released their own documentary, to deliver their stage show to you at home and to help those unfamiliar, to get to know the band and what they are all about. This followed hot on the heels of their latest album, the excellently titled, Siberian Heathen Horde which released on March 27th, 2020, via El Puerto Records.

The band stated about their documentary:

"We have been waiting for this moment, our long-awaiting documentary (or as we used to call it "DVD" in broadcastings, although this medium has lost its relevance) is out now, dedicated to our 15th anniversary and it's called "15 years of madness" in 4 languages (Russian, English, German and Czech)!

This`s quite voluminous work, including footage taken from the very begining of Welicoruss and first concerts in Russia, opinions of musicians playing in Welicoruss at different times, colleagues of metal scene, business guys, fans, backstage footage and much more! This documentary, we think, is interesting not only for Welicoruss' fans, but also for heavy music lovers who want to learn more about metal scene in Russia (Siberia), to follow Alexey's complicated path from distant Siberia to Prague and to know what is behind band`s music and conception. We have been waiting for that moment for a long time, we hope you too!"

The documentary is available to stream right now on Youtube by clicking here!

If you want more from Welicoruss then you can check out the live video for Frostbounded below.

Or the making of Siberian Heathen Horde, here!