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Weed Demon - Crater Maker: Review

Columbus Ohio based doom crew, Weed Demon are set to release their second full-length album on April 3rd, titled Crater Maker and for good reason. This is pure, fuzzed-out, sludge laden stoner doom at it's finest.

While the first two tracks may not set the album up perfectly, being somewhat drawn out they are not a precursor for what Weed Demon can actually do, and that is produce deafening, dread-inducing doom metal, the heaviness of which lives up to the title of the record.

'Serpent Merchant' boasts all the stoner doom tropes and more and it lazily strides it's way to the halfway point before picking up the pace and delivering a heavy dose of noise before hitting number eleven on the psychedelic dial. It's rather fitting that the title track of the album encapsulates the imagery of the whole record, 'Crater Maker' delivers ten tons of heavy, cloaked in smoke and oozing with bassy sludge.

For a second outing, Weed Demon are quickly showing what they are capable of which a wide range of sonic weapons at their disposal, students of their chosen genre and craftsman when it comes to creating it. Pick this up April 3rd and be on the lookout for more from these guys if you're of the stoner doom persuasion.

Overall 7/10