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Viscera - Obsidian: Review

Viscera are a freshly minted, UK death metal act already exploding on the Death Metal scene via a series of support shows ahead of debut album Obsidian, which drops on March 6th.

Obsidian is the result of a band that boasts a veteran lineup that including ex - Sylosis and Heart of a Coward vocalist Jamie Graham as well as former members of Martyr Defiled and Abhorrent Decimation. Viscera are taking no prisoners and they are making it clear that they are a force to be reckoned with in the extreme metal world.

The record was mixed and mastered by Michael Leo Valeri (Brand of Sacrifice). The band were in good hands when it came to the artwork too with artist Shindy Reehal who has provided covers for Ingested, and Harbinger.

Vocalist Jamie Graham said of the effort, "The whole ‘Obsidian’ album touches on that process of struggle vs strength; how love can make someone feel incredibly powerful, but also make them dangerously vulnerable. There are stages of gaining this strength and they often involve going through hell to get there."

Obsidian is brutal as you may expect, incredibly technical and boiling over with songwriting maturity. Graham's vocals are perfectly matched with the high tempo drums, production extras, blistering guitars and thunderous bass work. This is a tightly packed and well-executed album not to mention, one hell of a way to introduce yourself.

It's difficult to pick outstanding tracks with such a stacked record but opener Delilah leads you in gently before dropping the full tonnage of the album on you. There is no cease-fire as Immersed In Ire kicks things up a technical notch before handing over to single Lamb To The Slaughter (video below) which slams hard with the full force of modern-day Death Metal pulled off in the most furious and concise way.

Carpe Noctem and title track Obsidian also deserve a shout, the first introduces dramatic choir choruses that sets the tone perfectly and takes nothing away from the heaviness of the track or the album as a whole. Obsidian smacks along at an intense pace, packed with all the blast beats and riffs you could want.

To sum up, this is an incredibly strong debut effort from a band that no doubt will very soon be climbing the rungs to the upper echelons of the UK Death Metal scene and beyond. Obsidian is well worth the purchase when it launches in March and will surely be backed up by a healthy tour cycle. In short, Viscera are here, consider yourself warned.

Rating 10/10

Obsidian releases March 6th on Unique Leader Records