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Vhaldemar discuss their killer new record with Metal Saves!

Spanish heavy metal crew, Vhaldemar have released their sixth studio album., Straight To Hell, Metal Saves was lucky enough to be able to grab a moment of their time to check-in and chat about the record itself, their band as a whole, and their plans.

MS - First off, how are you all doing given the current global situation? I hope all are well?

C - We are all fine at the moment, I imagine like everyone else waiting for the end of this situation.

MS - For those who may not be familiar with your music can you give us a little insight into what Vhaldemar are all about?

C - We are a Heavy Metal band that has been fighting for almost 20 years and we have just released our sixth album Straight to Hell!

MS - Straight to Hell, as you said is your sixth album, what can we expect to hear and how do you feel it differs from previous releases?

C - You will be able to listen to the band in all its splendor, with 10 songs inspired by Heavy Metal, with a great production in its sound with all the experience that life has given us all these years. We have put all our blood, sweat, and energy back into it and we are very proud of the end result.

MS - Did you face any problems in writing and recording the record due to the Pandemic?

C - We had to wait to finish part of the recording of the voices when the confinement due to the virus arrived, and we had to wait to be able to finish it, but it didn't hurt us much either, the problem is now that we had to start the tour, we are going to do a couple of shows with the security measures, seated, reduced capacity ... obviously, we want to present this album live with all the Metal fans singing and shouting in our faces without masks or hosts.

MS - You've shared festival stages with bands such as Megadeth, Amon Amarth, and Arch Enemy, what's that's like, and were you able to gain any experience from playing alongside bands of that size?

C - You always learn by watching big bands, especially from behind the scenes, what people don't see, what's behind, the preparation ...; It's always a pleasure.

MS - On that note, if you could share the stage with any other band past or present who would you invite?

C - Of course my favorite bands like Manowar, Yngwie, Gary Moore, also luckily we've already played with Iron Maiden, Dio, King Diamond, Accept ...

MS - Would you label yourselves battle metal or just straight-up heavy metal? Or neither?

B - Well, I don't know, I think the main thing is Heavy Metal, even as colleague Joey True Metal said, because the main thing is music, then the rest goes.

MS - You got your start with Arise Records who were, at the time a fairly new label, what was the experience like working with them?

Q - We had recorded a demo that reached their ears, and one day they came to our place to see us rehearse and meet us, and shortly after they proposed us to release two albums with them with an international projection, it was released in many countries, including Japan where it had a lot of success, it was accompanied by a great promotion, tour throughout the country, they were good times .... then the internet came and record labels like Arise were falling because they could not stay in that situation and we got there with them.

MS - During the writing of Straight To Hell, where did you draw inspiration from, and was there anything you really wanted to get across on the record?

P - On a musical level we always seek to evolve without departing from our style and roots, always seeking to sound with great power and give an adequate production to each song; And apart from the lyrics, they are almost always inspired by the music of each song, which in this album, I have mostly looked for stories that have happened to the band or my feelings for the music.

MS - With touring basically impossible at the moment, what are your plans to promote the new album?

W - We want to do even some show[s] with the conditions that exist, seated with limited capacity ... but it is getting difficult and it is impossible, then we will have to wait for the live, meanwhile we will continue promoting it on the networks, some video clips, and We will take the opportunity to rest and prepare the next live setlist and even write new material.

MS - What does the future look like for the band, where do you plan to take things next?

C - We will continue as always to [the] death, we will present this album live as it deserves, we will reissue our old vinyl records, we hope to do many things because we are now very comfortable with the current line-up of the band and wanting to move on.

MS - Where can people buy your music and find out more about you?

C - Our music can be purchased on CD, Vinyl, and Cassette through our website or on digital platforms, and you can follow us on networks, Facebook etc