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URN - Iron Will Of Power: Review

Finnish trio URN have unexpectedly unleashed one of 2019’s most enjoyable metal albums in Iron Will Of Power, released this month via Season of Mist.

Despite line up changes, Iron Will of Power is a tempest of neck-breaking, blackened thrash metal that demands to be listened to over and over again. Huge tracks like Prayers, Demonlord and Funeral Oath are impossible to ignore, expertly crafted and executed adding the final layer of polish to what is already a highly tuned, well-mastered record.

Iron Will Of Power is a consistent, fire-breathing beast of an album, it’s not mindlessly fast pace, burning through riffs like they were going out of style. Instead, there is a deliberate pace and tempo to everything and it pays off. Some may argue that URN hasn't changed much since their last offering, 2017’s The Burning but why fix something that isn’t broken?

If you like your metal with a bit of weight to it, black metal-tinged and furious then you need to pick up a copy of Iron Will of Power and give it a go, you could do much worse in this hybrid genre.

Rating 8.5/10