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Tristwood - Blackcrowned Majesty: Review

When Tristwood invited me to listen to their (at the time upcoming) new album, Blackcrowned Majesty they explained how they played Avant-Garde metal mixing elements of Black Metal/Death Metal/Grindcore and Industrial, they hinted at the madness that lay ahead and they were not lying.

This album is the sonic equivalent of one of those strange and supposed deep web videos, the ones designed to be as unsettling as possible, creating a skin-crawling dread just below the surface, enough to throw you off but keep you intrigued and eager for more. That may sound like a strange analogy but once you hear this record you'll understand and if not then imagine a mash-up of Wumpscut, Cannibal Corpse and The Bezerker and you're in the right ballpark.

Analogies aside, this album creates a bizarre atmosphere but that's not a negative point, music that can pack this much imagery into eight tracks is deserving of attention. Having been paying their dues for twenty years in what they refer to as the deepest reaches of the Austrian underground metal scene, this album as well as the bands overall sound proves that they have never had to compromise on their creativity and have fearlessly forged their own sonic identity. It's this which is the selling point of Blackcrowned Majesty, character and that's here in truckloads.

From the mysterious Industrial twinges on 'Re-Enthronement Of The Damned' to the deeply experimental approach of 'A Blackcrowned Majesty' and the death metal styled 'The Hall Of Rauthra's Fate' this album takes you on a journey to a bizarre hellscape and it's beautiful.

When experiment and attempting to create art that's out of the norm it can go one of two ways, it can be a disastrous attempt at being edgy and different or it can completely succeed in every way and that what Blackcrowned Majesty does, it excels at being a different kind of metal because the craft has been honed and stuck to for so long that it's the norm for Tristwood.

Rating 8/10