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Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance: Review

Toronto, Canada is currently home to one of the hardest working death metal bands of today, Tomb Mold.

Formed in 2015 the quartet that features ex-Abyss and Fragile Existence drummer Max Klebanoff had pumped out three demos, a compilation, an EP and three full-length albums to date within the 2018 offering, Manor of Infinite Forms being heralded as their break out release

We’re taking a look at Planetary Clairvoyance, the band’s third full length. From looking at the cover, going in you know this is going to be a dark sci-fi ride, the Lovecraftian cover art matches the tone of the record, there is an unsettling feeling that is deep-rooted and underpinning throughout, empathised on third track, Phosphorene Ultimate, an eerie instrumental complete with alien voices and an all-encompassing feeling of dread before returning to the brutality of one of the strongest tracks on the record, Infinite Resurrection that relentlessly chugs along but features sophisticated solo guitar work and ear-shattering drums.

The lyrical content throughout is based heavily in murky, dark science fiction, tales of ancient invasions by unimaginable species and crawling, cosmic horrors span the length of the record. Even with its seven-song track list Planetary Clairvoyance offers a whole lot, it’s packed with riffs, deep, demonic growls, atmospheric instrumentals and some fantastic guitar and drum work, all of which is possibly best showcased on track Cerulean Salvation.

This is very much a short but oh so sweet dose of death metal from a relatively fresh band that knows exactly how to package their product.

Planetary Clairvoyance is available now on 20 Buck Spin

Rating 8/10