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This Ending reveal title track for upcoming album, ‘Needles of Rust'

Stockholm based melodeath outfit This Ending have launched the stream of their title track, 'Needles of Rust' off of their impending fourth record. This is the first recording project where the Swedish band have not had Fredrik Andersson (A Canorous Quintet, ex: Amon Amarth) behind the drums. Peter Nagy (Mörk Gryning, A Canorous Quintet), who served as the second guitarist of the band, stepped in to take Fredrik’s place. Needles of Rust is slated for worldwide release on May 28th via Black Lion Records on Digipak CD, Cassette, and digital formats.

The band offers on the track “Needles of Rust”:

“This was the first song written after we decided it was time for a new This Ending. We had no idea that this would also turn out to be the title track. Here Linus N. tried to write a song that combined the old This Ending sound with our roots back in the ‘90s. It became an insane song that I think defines our sound. We also get some backing vocals from Peter on this one. The lyrical theme for this one revolves around people who exploit others’ weaknesses for personal gain.”