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The Velvet Supersloths - Self Titled Debut: Review

The Velvet SuperSloths came together in late 2014 in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Yanick (Bass) and Johnny (Drums) were joking about Johnny’s facial hair and how it "would be perfect to be in a stoner band". Soon enough the two of them decided to put their money where their mouths are and make it happen. So whipping out their phones, they each called friends from previous bands to join them and in what could a record, 20 minutes later Eric ( Guitar/Back vox) and JF (Guitar) were in, and the only missing link was a solid singer.

The band jammed together and wrote some tunes, soon enough they were able to put together a 4 song demo, hoping it would catch the attention of a strong vocalist. Standing out from the offers they received was one Dave Boisse who the band felt was way above the rest. Boisse being a professional sound engineer was also a huge advantage for a DIY band.

The Velvet SuperSloths then spent two years composing a lot of songs, crafting their sound, and playing shows. A growing fanbase saw the band release 4 singles in 2017-2018. At that time, They had no intention of releasing a full album. The 4 singles got so many good reviews though that it allowed The Sloths to play even more shows around the Quebec Province and in Ontario.

Late 2018, it became clear that the band needed a full album, as fans began to demand a full release. A lot of graft later and the end result is the self-titled release currently blasting through my speakers. While the band may have joked about stoner metal during their formation they operate firmly in the Groove Metal arena with stoner tinged licks. When it comes to Groove, it's present on this album in bucket loads. Not a track goes by that doesn't get your head nodding or a foot-tapping, The Sloths' sound is infectious, to say the least.

Boisse's raspy vocal style lends itself well to the super crunchy guitar tone which itself wraps and coils around the underpinning bass work, all pulled together in a tapestry of sound by the furious and unrelenting drums.

Standout tracks are hard to point out due to each song being varied and different from the overs and all produced to a high standard, however, 'Higher Fire' or 'Forsaken Life' are certainly recommended to check out even if nothing else (though you should definitely give this a listen in full).

'Sold Your Soul' has a rougher edge to it and hits a bit heavier, while 'I Am Penny' has a more blues/stoner feel to it, truly a diverse album that offers more than you may expect at first glance.

Overall this is an immensely strong debut effort that eagerly showcases what the band holds in it's arsenal but I'm sure that as they progress they will still have surprises in store. This record is well worth a listen and picking up, worthy of being on your repeat playlist for some time to come.

Rating: 8/10