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The Offering - Home: Review

Boston’s The Offering produce a sound that’s hard to pin down and they don't do things by half. They’re technical, heavy, unorthodox and complicated in places yet simplistic in others. The band’s first full length studio album Home is more of a musical journey than anything else.

Vocalist Alex Richichi ranges from deep guttural growls, to high pitch wails and screeches, all done so tastefully and in keeping with the album’s style and the bands profile. Once describing his band as “Sonically familiar yet so unique that it sounds new. Though our technical abilities and proficiencies are great on paper, it is our relentless songwriting that will win people over.”

Home is a pure joy to listen to and may be something a little left field to what you may pick up but given the chance it offers the potential and determination to find a spot in your regular listening pattern.

Title track Home is operatic, frantic and weighty in all the right places with a run time over fourteen minutes it serves a showcase of the incredible range The Offering have at their disposal and feels more of a concept piece than anything else.

Late track Glory hits like a possessed bat from the depths of hell with it’s crushing drums and pace changes while Lovesick, Failure and Ultra-violence are staples of the record having been chosen as the three singles to be released ahead of the album.

Home comes with a bonus track Violets which shows The Offering can also produce atmospheric, softer tracks that still register on their unique scale.

Home is out now on Century Media

Rating: 7/10