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The King's Head - Self Titled Debut: Review

The King's Head have been honing their craft since their formation in 2018 in the south of the Netherlands, and now they have signed with Wormhole Death Records to release their debut, self-titled album, due to drop on December 18th.

The promo material sent alongside the album explained that The King's Head would take the listener on a journey through, rock and grunge and everything in between, evoking a nostalgic feeling for both genres and their bygone days. It's fairly common for this kind of copy to accompany an album and usually, it's fairly accurate, in this case, however, it's right on the money.

The King's Head sounds like a band that has been applying their trade since the late '90s and have adapted their sound with the changing of times and trends, yet they aren't, a relatively new project as mentioned at the head of this review, the band clearly wears its influences on its sleeve without slipping into the clone territory, they very much have their own identity. Their ability to effortlessly blend Rock with heavier elements as seen on The Far Beyond or producing 90's tinged grunge based tracks like 'Rise' and 'The White Horse' are the first two tracks on the record, they showcase the depth of this band which is something to be admired.

While they are certainly not as heavy as some of the bands usually featured on Metal Saves, this album serves as an ideal palate cleanser without compromising on anything. Every track feels as familiar as it is fresh and brand new, with all the band members pulling in the right direction. The album progresses at a nice and consistent pace with a harmonised ebb and flow between soft and harsh vocals set the backdrop of some stellar guitar, bass, and drum work.

Standout tracks have to be 'Miss Comprehension', 'The White Horse', and 'Older' all of which vary greatly from each other but work as both standalone tracks and album counterparts. Overall this is a wholly enjoyable listen from start to finish, it's packs punch, it will get you moving and also singing along before you know it.

With such a strong debut it will be exciting to see what this band does next and into the future, keep an eye out for these guys.

Rating: 8.5/10