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The Internet's Mystery Song - The Story So Far

In March of 2007, a user of a radio enthusiast archive site, spiritofradio.ca going under the username Bluuue posted a snippet of an unremarkable track asking for assistance in identifying the artist and song title. Little did they know that this would spark an internet mystery that would still be unsolved more than a decade later.

Bluuue, in their original post, explained they had recorded the track sometime between 1982 and 1984 from a German radio station and had been looking for the artist and track name ever since then without any luck. The post at the time didn’t take off other than one quickly debunked lead suggesting it could be a Greek band called Metro Decay.

Unfortunately, the song remained in the ether for years until Youtuber Justin Whang was contacted by a viewer on Instagram who had come across an intriguing Reddit post that documented the search for it being conducted by other music buffs in the years since Bluuue first raised awareness of it.

The OP of the Reddit thread was a user named Gab Gaskins, they explained a friend of theirs in the indie music business had enlisted their help in identifying the song since stumbling across it and learning that it didn’t show up in Shazam or any other identification program which struck them as odd.

They quickly learned of Bluuue’s post years earlier and set about solving the mystery, they dubbed the track “The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet” in their Reddit post and began to draw attention.

Redditor Gaskins was soon identified as Gabriel Vieira, they posted the snippet of the track to their YouTube channel and even broke it down into isolated sections to try and aid searchers in revealing the track’s identity, this was to no avail and no evidence was turned up despite the search now gaining traction.

It was quickly determined by Reddit sleuths that the song was likely released independently based on Shazam and other services seemingly not having it in their index, either this or it was never officially released at all. Also by listening to the song, it was agreed that the band is made up of a singer, drummer, two guitar players (one possibly also being the signer) a bass player and a keyboardist.

Numerous users also agreed that the song title could be “Like the Wind” due to the line sounding like what’s being sung though it’s slightly muffled. Others claim the lyrics maybe “Fly Away” or even “Found a Way” but Gabriel stuck with “Like the Wind” as the most likely candidate to base further searches on.

In addition, it was discovered that the version of the song floating around online is Mono, meaning that maybe the song was captured from a radio station or TV in the 1980s.

As Bluuue originally stated they recorded the track from the radio this discovery could mean that Bluue’s recording is the only one out there, the radio station must have gotten a hold of a master copy somehow though, but that’s another mystery in itself.

Still having not much to go on other than the factors mentioned above, Gabriel used the advanced search function on discogs.com, the internet’s largest database of rare and independent music. Starting the extensive search with the title “Like the Wind” and working their way down they eventually found... absolutely nothing. This reaffirmed the sinking feeling that “Like the Wind” was not the title of the song after all or it’s just so rare it’s not even listed on Discogs. If you know anything about the site you’ll know if a track doesn't appear on their index then it’s a full-blown rarity. (If you’re not familiar with the Discog marketplace it’s well worth a rummage through).

Things were not looking good for Gabriel and his team of Reddit investigators, they had turned up nothing despite their best efforts and large amounts of time spent on the search.

The elephant in the room was now finally addressed, as the song was taken from a German radio station most had assumed the band themselves were also German. However, this was shot down with the example of another would-be lost track, “On The Roof” by Johan Lyndell.

This track was also pulled from German radio and remained a mystery for years until it’s creator was eventually discovered, Johan Lyndell who most assumed was German at the beginning turned out to actually be Swedish.

So far, after all this work, Reddit and Gabriel had exactly the same as what had sparked the search in the first place. A snippet of a New Wave song, no name, no artist, no nationality and no definitive year other than a mid-eighties assumption. Some within the now-massive thread abandoned the search and returned to their lives, figuring nothing would ever be found.

It was at this point that a frustrated Gabriel decided to not give up and would instead double down on their efforts to crack this thing once and for all. Engaging full internet stalker mode they managed to track down more online presence of Bluuue and worked out that this anonymous user lived in Breman Germany. They also found the name of the radio station they had pilfered the song from was NDR and the name of the show itself in a burst of German creativity was called “Music for Young People”. The show focused on unknown or unsigned music from Punk, Indie, New Wave and beyond.

Next, our intrepid musical gumshoe tracked the DJ of the show, Paul Baskerville to a Facebook profile. The lengths some will go to is astounding though it feels a little wrong to applaud, but there is something to be said for their determination.

Promising only to use their creepy cyber-tracking powers for good, Gabriel reached out to Mr Baskerville via Facebook, however, they didn’t hold out much hope of a response as the profile seemed to have been abandoned for a number of years, the trail went quiet for a short time before Gabriel just last week updated Justin Whang via the comment section of his video on the subject and told him that Paul had surfaced and responded.

Understandably he couldn't remember the song due to shear of volume of tracks he has played over his still-active career but he did give Gabriel the email address of the shows archivist. Gabriel has since reached out to them and we are all currently awaiting an update. In the meantime, Paul has played what he has of the track on his show and asked for any information.

We will keep you posted on any developments.

Gabriel’s upload of the song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioRIpqrvfvg

Whang’s video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90JvgNQicp0