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The Drowning - The Radiant Dark: Review

UK Death/Doom outfit, The Drowning have unleashed their new studio album The Radiant Dark on eagerly awaiting crowds.

The anticipation ahead of this record was justified, The Drowning are one of the more impressive bands crafting death/doom at the moment, their unique blend crushing death metal interlinked seamlessly with atmospheric doom guitars and tortured vocals is a joy to experience, especially for the first time, however it retains it's magic with each and every listen, The Radiant Dark is no different.

While it's a devastatingly heavy album there is also a wealth of pain and emotion called upon and channelled into the vocals and lyrical content, combine this with the atmospheric guitar work (when it isn't trying to crush you beneath its own weight) and you discover it creates a unique listening experience, one that The Drowning is fast gaining renown for.

Rare is it that you can have the best of both worlds but you well and truly get it here. Things open up in a typical doom fashion with Alpha Orionis but by the time you've made to The Triumph Of The Wolf In Death, weighing in at nearly ten minutes, things have changed, this is one of the heavyweight tracks of the record. Possessing more rhythm than expected but with retention of the heaviness and crunch, the same can be said for All That We Need Of Hell another outstanding track to pull.

In all The Radiant Dark is a solid album, very little filler is any at all is to be found, an argument could be made that Harrowed Path doesn't quite fit the overall vibe of the album but nevertheless is a well put together track. The entire record itself is bristling with excellent production work and arrangement, one that's well worth a listen on these gloomy Autumn nights.

The Radiant Dark is out now Transcending Obscurity Records

Rating 8/10