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The Devil Wears Prada Add To Their Zombie Apocalypse Narrative 21/05/21

Metalcore veterans The Devil Wears Prada surprised a lot of people in 2010 when they dropped their apocalyptic concept EP simply tilted Zombie, it was a different step for the band that, especially early on were not afraid to hide their faith and used their platform to deliver some overtly Christian themes laced with heavy metalcore and synth elements.

So Zombie caught more than a few off guard and proved to be very popular, I should stress it wasn't popular simply because it moved away from religious themes it was overall a really well put together record with some fantastic storytelling, playing out an evolving apocalypse as the dead begin to rise and lay waste to everything in their path.

If you ever found yourself wondering what happened to this fictional world left to fend for itself against the hordes of the undead while TDWP provided its appropriate soundtrack then you're in luck as the band are releasing the EP's follow up titled ZII on May 21st via Solid State Records.

You can get a taste of the current state of the apocalypse and humanity's increasingly desperate battle against the dead via Termination below

Come May 21st grab your Zombie Survival Kit, grab a weapon and prepare to face the undead once more.