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Tethra - Empire of the Void: Review

When it comes to melodic, doom metal it can be easy for bands to fall into a stereotypical space, the this not the case for Italy's Tethra however and their new album, Empire of the Void is testament to this.

With this third release of the bands' career they build on a sound and style they set out with back in 2008 when they formed, not settling for the typical doom formula Tethra added in elements normally found in black metal or groove metal, subdued them down so that they fit the tempo and feel of doom metal and finally made them their own.

They are also an ambitious band, the CD release of Empire of the Void contains a surprising cover of the legendary 'Space Oddesy' by the late, great, David Bowie. Not a track to be tackled lightly and not an easy one to fit into a doom tracklist, however, Tethra have found a tasteful and unique way to do so.

So how does the rest of the album play? As alluded to, it's a little different to other doom bands, falling more towards the melodic and atmospheric areas with its lengthy tracks that build and flesh out the concept on this album, a look at the duality between what is hidden inside the dark corners of the human soul as well as a vastness sidereal (a measurement of space-time) space, both of this being classed as "empires of the void". Complex but fitting and explored well throughout the album, the Bowie cover now takes on a different feel when presented as part of this conceptual idea.

There are fresh approaches to the genre present on the record, superb guitar work is to be found throughout, crisp and clear vocals present the work and everything has its well-defined space. It's a lengthy album, that's no lie but it's an effortless listen, it's haunting melodies, slicing guitars and overall heavy weight make it an ideal accomplish for any task, be it a backing track to your day to day or an object of focus or meditation.

Overall 7/10