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Tastebreakers: Little King - Occam's Foil EP

Right now, you may find yourself with a little (or maybe a lot) of extra time on your hands so you may be looking for something a bit different to get into and seeing as we haven't done a Tastebreaker in a little while, enter Little King. A three-piece indie outfit whose most recent EP Occam's Foil, is an enjoyable five-track release that's bursting with energy, scorching guitar and a mixed bag of styles, ranging from Latin inspired licks heard on 'The Skin I'm In' (which also features some fantastic guitar work throughout) to furious garage band rock that makes 'Hate Counter', bite. There is even, dare we say, a little pop thrown in there?

It's an EP that's certainly different, that's why we are featuring it on Tastebreakers after all. It's an EP that will help broaden horizons, that's for sure, it's ecliptic mix works well and makes for easy listening on repeat, it will scratch many an audio itch, be you looking for something crunchy and raw, something a little out of left field and unique or something you can throw on in the background or rock out to, giving it your full attention. Whatever you're in the market for at the time of spinning this EP, it's got you covered.

Rating 4/5