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Tastebreakers: Ghostmane

This is the first in our Tastebreaker series, they say variety is the spice of life, therefore in the spirit of that we had the idea for series. Here we’ll take a look at artists we like from genres outside of rock and metal and give you a brief rundown of their style and what we think makes them worth checking out. Who knows where we may go and who you may discover?

In this first edition we’re introducing you to Ghostmane...

For those not familiar with Ghostmane, he is not your traditional florida born rapper. Introduced to hardcore punk in his younger days and playing guitar in numerous punk bands and listening to the like of Mayhem and Deicide in his youth, Ghostmane, real name Eric Whitney was later introduced to hop hop and from there his trajectory to create music that straddles genres was locked in.

If you were to attempt to categorise Ghostmane, his work could arguably be labeled as Trap Metal, Noise or Metal Hip-Hop, some tracks even have a black metal flavour as well as some imagery from his single and album covers. Lyrically Ghostmane focuses on aspects of occultism, depression and death. Mixed in with all these elements is a deep love and understanding of Southern style rap, artists such as Outkast serving as one such source of inspiration.

To better highlight the contrasts and witches brew of influence in his work we’ll take a look at the 2017 album Hexanda a project that has Whitley’s metal/punk influence all over it.

Most tracks on the album are as you’d expect incredibly bass heavy but they feature not only Ghostmane’s intense style of delivering bars but some metal screaming and soundscapes generously built in. It may not sound like something that works but trust us, it does. There is also consistency here, despite the blending of genres and Ghostmane carving out a very unique space his discography doesn't deviate from the cause of delivering rap/hip-hop but not as you know it.

Human Error released earlier this year is a three track EP that’s well worth a listen for an intro into Ghostmane’s world of gloomy, unsettling sound, from there you’re free to wander through the back catalogue of work that sees collaborations with artists such as $uicide Boy$, Lil Peep, Killnation and Ho99o9 to name just a small few, also be sure to load up Hexanda while you’re there.

We don’t subscribe to the idea that you can or should only listen to metal if you’re a “Metalhead” with some many sub-genres in metal alone it seems absurd to only want to stick to one particular thing. We hope you enjoy taking a look at different styles, genres and artists as much as we do and be sure to get in touch if you know of an artist or genre that you think would be ideal for Tastebreakers.