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Taking a look at Fresh Outbreak Break Records Trio Of Releases

Here at Metal Saves there is nothing more exciting than an indie label putting out great music, records, and EP from bands that equally deserve exposure, it's sort of become the mission of Metal Saves over the past year to try and shed some light on these projects and right here we have another worthy candidate, Fresh Outbreak Records.

Sicily based DIY label, Fresh Outbreak put out hardcore, sludge, grind, crust, power violence and screamo releases from bands on their roster and this past September saw three big titles sent out into the wild.

We'll start with a quick run-through of Lungs from Sardinian based melodic hardcore/metalcore act Regrowth. The album released on September 4th, 2020, and is the band's first full-length following a 2018 EP.

Chaotic, tight, and bursting with energy, Lungs tears through the twelve tracks at breakneck speed drawing parallels to the likes of Adept, Blessthefall, and Still Remains, paying heed to metalcore's violent birth and glory days.

When they do take the tempo down it's still drenched in distortion and maintains it's weight before ramping up the chug again. Listening to Lungs you could easily mistake the band for having been around for years on the hardcore and metalcore circuits which is a testament to their quality.

If you're not averse to a bit of metalcore and want to check out this exciting release you can pick up both a physical and digital copy over at their Bandcamp

Next, we shift our attention to LACITTÀDOLENTE and their mathcore debut Salespeople, out now on cassette via Trepanation Records and CD from Fresh Outbreak themselves with assistance from Hidden Beauty Records, Mother Ship, SHOVE Records, Toten Schwan Records, and last but not least, Violence In The Veins.

With the logistics out of the way, what do they sound like? Well, it's Mathcore so the expected madness and technicality are at the forefront, resulting in the band sounding like Sikth and Every Time I Die had a bastard love child. They are also billed by the label as appealing to fans of Code Orange and Converge, which is also pretty accurate, if that level of intensity is what you enjoy then you'll get a huge kick out of LACITTÀDOLENTE.

Salespeople is as relentless as it's namesake, twisting and turning in everything direction, contorting into bizarre angles, and taking the listener on a journey through a murky underbelly of their own creation exploring topics of disassociation and mortality, it's technical, complicated, and uncompromising in its direction. The band set out with a clear idea of what their sound was going to be and they have stuck to that blueprint and delivered a unique record that is sure to win them a healthy following.

To check the album out, you can of course pick up the digital copy right now at Bandcamp

The third and final release from Septemeber is Fai finta che mi ami from Galera which released on September 18th. Again drawing on influences from the likes of Converge, and Zao, this is one incredibly noisy release that is not for the faint of heart from a band formed out the ashes of Ebola by that band's former bassist Francesco and guitarist Roberto.

Hitting with the velocity of an asteroid this EP crashes through its frantic tracklist of 5 songs without a second thought, manic, heavy and unapologetic, just the way it should be for a hardcore/noisecore band trying to make a name for themselves. Underpinned with a healthy dose of gloom, this is one that's going to keep you on your toes, and the circle pits spinning someday (hopefully) soon.

If you're a fan of Converge, Full of Hell or Nails then you may want to take a look at this, Bandcamp, as usual, has you covered for physical or digital versions so be sure to head there and take a listen for yourself and make that ever so important informed purchase.