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Svart Crown - Wolves Among The Ashes: Review

Blackened Death Metal continues its rise as we get stuck into 2020 and French quartet Svart Crown have released their fifth studio album and reinforced this trend, delivering one of the best albums of the year so far (yes, yes, it's only February).

Wolves Among The Ashes whilst short is no less a premium product. A tracklist of seven tracks and an intro is packaged here but it's more than enough. The shorter run time is not hindered, the album actually benefits from it, it means you can spin it again and again in quick succession and that's where the beauty of this record lies. It demands you listen to it multiple times and each listens delivers a little bit more, at first you notice the obvious, like most metal records, you drink in the heaviness and the riffs, drum work etc. When you're on listen three or four you get the next level of appreciation here, the sheer atmosphere layered into this project is incredibly impressive.

It's claustrophobic and perversely dark, yes it's heavy and yes it's frantic and blistering in places but it's much more than that and then some. Thermageddon the first track that follows the sample-heavy intro shows us exactly what we are in store for as it holds nothing back, launching its metallic assault right away.

Down To Nowhere, Exoria and Living With The Enemy which are actually the final three tracks mark the area where the album really emphasises the feel of the record alluded to earlier. That's not to subtract anything from the rest of the tracklisting but it feels like the first part of the album is designed to build to the final three, dare we say this is progressive? It's a point that could be argued.

Wolves Among The Ashes is the total package when it comes to blackened death metal and has set the bar early this year for releases to follow, (not to mention the incredible album art) This could be the record to finally put Svart Crown on the map and attract some much-deserved attention to the band.

Rating - 9/10

Wolves Among The Ashes is out now on Century Media