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Survive Reveal trailer for stream event June 12th

Tokyo based veterans and “Samurais from Hell” SURVIVE have announced they will stream their first special performance “SURVIVE, LIVE AT DEATH VALLEY” on June 12th. To gear up for the event the band has revealed a cool video trailer of the performance,

Frontman Nemo stated:

"Creation and destruction, the strongest streaming live ever! The entire trailer is finally unleashed!!! This is a movie that goes beyond streaming live! Eye Witness the moment."

Tickets can be brought here

SURVIVE have continued to expand their base despite the chaos and uncertainty caused by the global pandemic. Last summer they released their first digital single 'The Road to Hell is Paved by Goodwill' as well as having streamed live talk sessions with all band members and some playthrough videos of guitar and drums via YouTube.

All that has led up to "SURVIVE LIVE AT DEATH VALLEY”, the event will showcase the band at a magnificent setting of a 50-meter precipitous cliff. With the beauty constantly in contrast to death, the location captures the atmosphere of the infamous death valley.

Instead of “live streaming”, the performance will be pre-recorded, edited and go through production before getting streamed. The band is right in the making of the full-length video right now.

NEMO again says:

“In the current circumstances where is has become difficult to actually experience our sound live at venues, we decided to do this because we wanted to offer a special experience for our fans, something different from our usual gigs, by streaming a thoroughly produced visual and audio work of art.”

The performance will feature eight songs including Human Misery from 2015 and the latest single “The Road to Hell is Paved by Goodwill”, along with the behind-the-scenes documentary footage of the dress rehearsal and an interview with the band.

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Band-photo by Ko-ichi Mukoyama