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Suncraft - Norwegian Fuzz Peddlers Announce New Album And More

Suncraft and All Good Clean Records have officially announced Flat Earth Rider, the debut album from the young Norwegian stoner rockers.

Due to drop August 6 on vinyl and digital, Flat Earth Rider was produced, mixed and mastered by Ruben Willem (The Good The Bad and The Zugly, Okkultokrati, Djevel, etc...) and features six unique tracks that show Suncraft combining elements from groovy stoner rock and riff-based heavy metal.

The first single has been released, 'Space Buddha' which you can hear below.

Since late 2017, this Oslo-based quartet has played its fair share of club shows darkest depths of Norway. After releasing their debut EP, Saigon in 2019, the live performances abruptly ended due to the global pandemic. Seizing the opportunity and turning a huge negative into a positive the band decided to get to work on Flat Earth Rider and as soon as the world is safe enough, Suncraft will hit the road again and bring their unique flavour of rock n’ roll to the masses

Pre-orders and more will be announced soon.