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Stonus - Aphasia: Quickfire Review

London based Stonus applied their trade across their native Cyprus before relocating and built a loyal following who were eagerly anticipating their debut album release in the wake of a successful EP, well now it's here, out in the wild courtesy of Electric Valley Records and it's been very well received.

Aphasia was recorded live in Corinth, Greece, using analogue methods which makes the project all the more impressive, the sound is tight and slick, everything fitting together and gelling perfectly. Leaning more into psychedelic elements than full-on fuzz and doom tropes, Stonus carve out their own sound with beautiful bass tones, spaced out vocals and crunchy guitars pinned together with expert drum work.

The lengthier tracks on the album are the standouts, 'Awake', 'Nadir' and 'Ghost Town' but in no sense are the other tracks weak. Desert blasted yet metallic Aphasia is a sure winner for stoner/fuzz fans, sounding like a record produced by a stalwart of the sub-genre it can only bode well for the future of both stoner music and the band themselves.

Rating 9/10