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Stillbirth - Revive The Throne: Review

Germany’s Stillbirth are set to release their new album, Revive The Throne on August 7th via Unique Leader Records and they are as excited for it to drop as you should be to hear it.

Commenting on the release the band said, "We are highly looking forward to releasing our new beast Revive the Throne on our favourite label Unique Leader Records on 7th August 2020. The album features 11 songs (36 minutes) and is the heaviest material we have written so far. Once again we had the pleasure to record and mix the album at DPK Studios and we have a banging master from our good friends over at Demigod Recordings. Our cover-designer Aghy Purakusuma did an amazing job as well and we think this is the best Stillbirth album in our history. We can't wait to hear the opinions of our fans."

So, is it the best Stillbirth album yet? It’s this site's opinion that... yes, yes it is! Quite simply this album slams like a mother! Recorded with two basses and the brutality cranked up to eleven this record is quite simply a monster and you should buy it, we could end the review right there, enough said, but we won’t.

What makes the album so great? Apart from the duel bass and increased heaviness. Well for a start this a complex album, there are many moving parts but each layer is held in place with the glue of expert musicianship and a level of exceptional quality. When playing with the sub-genres of Death Metal, Grindcore and Deathcore it could be easy to make a lot of noise with not a lot of substance but that is not the case here with Revive The Throne the all so important balance is struck well, no section of any track is uncomfortable up against another, there is a steady flow and consistency to the whole record even if it is attacking at the speed of a downhill, runaway freight train carrying a cargo of breezeblocks.

Then there is the theme of the album and its imagery, clearly centred around a gladiatorial theme with the incredible cover art the band themselves alluded to in their comments. Frequent samples from related movies open up tracks and help set the scene before the music cranage unfolds with the same intensity and brutality of the coliseum in its hay day.

There has been a hell of a lot of excellent metal releases this summer all in spite of the current global circumstances and there is no doubt that Revive The Throne is going in alongside the very best of 2020. That being said there is a feeling that this release is what the death/grindcore scene has been building up to, the summit of releases into the sub-genre this year. It’s almost as if everything has been building up to this record but that may be hyperbole on our part.

To sum up and in case you didn’t get it from the above, this album slams and it slams hard at every given opportunity, if you like your metal brutal, filthy and as heavy as a collapsed star then Revive The Throne is a must. Extreme metal album of the year contender?... you bet your ass it is.

Overall 10/10