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Spotlight: PAGAN

Continuing the welcome trend of fresh, female-fronted bands the likes of Jinjer, Venom Prison and Infected Rain, Melbourne Four-piece Pagan are a force to be reckoned with.

Formed in 2015 and sounding like nothing you’ve really heard before, the Aussies are looking set for big things with their unique style and sound.

Whilst the individual tastes of the band members have all helped shape them they refuse to be tied down to any genre. By blending Pop beats, Black Metal flavours, blast beating and hardcore/post-punk elements it’s hard to describe what Paga actually sound like to the uninitiated, you simply have to hear them to get it. While they will admit that they have a blackened sound, frontwoman Nikki Brumen and her crew are happy to stir things up and be the outcasts of the metal world, unapologetically doing their own thing in their own way and to hell with what people think or expect.

This philosophy has paid off, widely seen as one of the most exciting bands coming up in the hard rock and metal arena Pagan are carefully marketing themselves and staying true to their core foundations. They have already reached the number spot on the JJJ punk/metal charts with early track Heavy Repeater and selling out their first-ever live show at the Tote in hometown Melbourne.

Their first studio album Black Wash is a refreshing listen, a raw and energetic sound that’s as heavy as any black metal band worth it's salt in places and as rhythmic as disco in others, sometimes on the same track, such as Imitate Me or Death Before Disco. Spanning genres is not an easy thing to pull off but Pagan makes it look and sound effortless, the eclectic tastes of the band being the fuel and the high octane antics of Nikki Brumen serving as the delivery system.

Pagan is a celebration of freedom, energy and cutting loose in the name of art and music and they shouldn't be ignored.