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Spotlight: MØL

Experimentation with genre splicing is popular within metal at the moment and that's an excellent thing, it leads to artists such as Zeal & Ardor or Pagan. Another example is today's focus band, MØL and they are a textbook example of exactly how to blend genres and produce incredible results.

Based out of Aarhus, Denmark, MØL started making waves within the metal world in 2014 with their EP releases. We were introduced to their patterned style of shoegaze based, almost ambient like guitar-based sound and scorching black metal vocals. Those waves gathered more pace with their second release, JORD which launched in April last year and have reached tsunami levels with I/II which dropped in June this year.

If you're one for absurd metal sub-genre labels then MØL's sound, as alluded to above is considered 'Blackgaze' (black metal meets shoegaze), Shoegaze itself being a ludicrous title but still. The guitars and bass create swelling walls of sound and dramatic soundscapes, these can be either joyful or gloomy, and sometimes they are both, tempo changes and atmospheric changes are common within MØL's work and they are done with perfect execution.

It's common knowledge that It can be hard to mix styles into something listenable let alone something truly different and exciting but the boys from Aarhus have found the magic formula. If JORD is anything to go by then the bar has been set extremely high not only for the band themselves but for others trying to replicate their approach. A near-perfect duo of albums that only get better and better with each listen.

If you're in the market for a new band, something different that sounds like nothing you've heard before then you can do much worse than MØL, we'd recommend checking out JORD first then I/II, there are even instrumental versions to get lost in, if you're looking for the full shoegaze experience.

To whet your appetite check out the official video for single Bruma below.