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Spotlight: KING 810

Hailing from Flint, Michigan, King 810 (pronounced eight-one-oh) are about as hard as they come. The rough core of their home has found its way into their music and has become the beating heart of what they do, the 810 being added later in the bands life and is the area code of Flint.

Formed in 2007, King have always drawn on the criminal exploits of not just those around them in their hometown but their own members brushes with the law. The result is a brand of extremely heavy hitting music and a healthy dose of chaos and a very gritty reality.

King 810 have released three studio albums alongside three EP’s and are currently signed to Roadrunner Records having formally been with Equal Vision. Even before their signing to any label their shows were collecting notoriety, violence from their more die hard following and venue bans due to the content of their songs and imagery saw King become a notorious booking.

Having shared the stage with the likes of Korn, Slipknot and Tech 9, King 810 are slowly gaining popularity around the world. Their sound is aggressive and rough, mixing elements from crust to hardcore and pure metal which makes for a killer live show, using crime scene tape and masked, weapon wielding extras there is a deliberate dangerous look and feel to their presence also. Combine this with their lyrical content that has a heavy focus on crime (some of which were actually penned whilst under arrest) and you’ve got a unique act that you won’t forget seeing.

In 2015 King 810 were nominated for a Golden God award for Best New Act and have a new album apparently in development so why not check them out now?