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Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind: Review

The wait is finally over and the hype train almost derailed on the journey to release but Slipknot’s highly anticipated sixth studio album, We Are Not Your Kind is with us.

Ahead of release Slipknot had dropped hints that fans could expect “Iowa levels of heavy”, they then tried to backpedal a little when people’s expectations began to run riot.

The first single Unsainted at first seemed to divide Slipknot fans, it was a great choice as a first single as not only is it incredibly catchy with it’s choir chorus but it demonstrated the vibe and tone the nine-piece were aiming for with WAYNK as a record.

The traditional Slipknot intro is in place for this outing and is titled Insert Coin a darkly retro, almost arcade sounding instrumental before launching into the aforementioned Unsainted followed by Birth of the Cruel which was released really close to the album dropping so it’s not until track four that we get some new music and that’s Death Because of Death which only runs for a little over a minute and serves more as an interlude than anything else.

Nero Forte hits next and is one of the albums biggest tracks, it’s hits hard and contains an almost unexpected chorus, it’s a shame it took five tracks to get to a meaty new full length track during your first listen through.

As the record continues it reveals further tracks that stand out, Critical Darling, Liars Funeral and Orphan are all examples of Slipknot’s continued evolution. These all give the album a pacing similar to Vol 3 and The Gray Chapter with echoes of Iowa here and there and even in places riffs and attacks that sound like they were lifted straight from Gray Chapter.

While WANYK has some weighty tracks nothing really stands out like fan favourites Custer or AOV from the previous album. Spiders feels like an identity crisis and is a personal low point of the record, it feels like another interlude that overran and will polarise fans.

The record may have benefited from the inclusion of standalone single All Out Life but the choice was made to keep it as a single in its own right, more of a statement than a preview of the new album, despite the confusion of it containing the album’s name within the song.

Regardless of personal opinions on Slipknot as a whole or the new album, there is no denying they are currently on the top of the metal mountain and will be for some time. The future of the band seems stable with one more record left to complete on their Roadrunner Contract.

We Are Not Your Kind is out now on Roadrunner Records

Rating 8/10