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Skyhammer - The Skyhammer (EP): Review

Formed in 2011 under the name Zero Hour, Skyhammer is a metal band whose sound is based on traditional, old-school metal but fused with modern progressive elements with added power metal stylings, based out of Adelaide, Australia. Their new EP, The Skyhammer released earlier this week (February 12th) Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by Jack Hartley at Ghostnote Studios with mastering duties carried out by Damian Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studios

Skyhammer's brand of metal is both infectious and high energy, invoking similarities to Iron Maiden and Edguy. Popular among their growing fanbase is their unique takes on classics tracks such as A-ha’s 'Take On Me' and Kenny Login's iconic, 'Danger Zone'.

Guitarist and backing vocalist Matthew Zipeto said about the EP, "I'm extremely happy with how this has turned out. It certainly capture's all our individual influences throughout the whole record with everyone putting in the work for the songwriting of it. This combines music and vocal elements of the classic metal bands from way back in the 80's, to the power metal bands from Europe, mixed in with some slight progressive elements here and there. We thank each and everyone of you who buy this, listen to it on streaming services or even just support us by coming to our shows, we thank you all from everyone in this band!"

The EP consists of six tracks, including the Danger Zone cover, and while the cover is a highlight, nothing should be taken away from the original songs that make up the rest of the record. All five tracks are full of high octane old school heavy and power metal. galloping riffs, power squeals, and fury, all are present.

Things are broken up a little at the mid-way point with an excellent interlude with strings and acoustics before the action resumes on the remaining two tracks, The Skyhammer (featured below) and Danger Zone. These two stand out tracks do an excellent job of Wrapping up this truly enjoyable and fun EP, that is until you inevitably give it another playthrough immediately.

Rating 8/10

Pick up your copy here or here on Bandcamp