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Shadow Limb - Burn Scar: Review

Stoner rock and metal is in an excellent place right now and Shadow Limb’s latest offering, Burn Scar only adds to the gleaming line up of recent releases.

Burn Scar is laden with chunky bass work, harmonious guitar work with just the right amount of fuzz, however, it transpires stoner metal and toys with genre-blending. With stunning ambient instrumentals, the remnants of the bands days under the name La Fin du Monde when they were an instrumental outfit and some psychedelic roots that peak through the wall of noise.

This record is both everything you’d want from a stoner/doom band but at the same time is everything you wouldn't expect, it’s a difficult balance to strike but Shadow Limb have found their mark. Crushing heaviness one moment leads seamlessly into dreamy soundscapes and back again, it’s a rollercoaster ride but one that’s thoroughly enjoyable.

Fans of YOB and Sleep will get a kick out of Burn Scar but there is also appeal for those who enjoy the ilk of acts such as Russian Circles or Mastodon. The imagery conjured up by the mood of the album matches perfectly with the excellent cover art by Aaron John Gregory. Bizarre yet beautiful soundscapes penetrated by haunting and distant vocals giving way to ruthless bass and guitar assaults give a feeling of a distant science-fiction world of unknown dangers.

There is also a whole lot of heart and soul poured into the record as bassist Mike Crew summed up in promo for the album,

"The title Burn Scar pertains to some of the lyrics referring to scorched battlefields and villages, but also has a personal meaning to us as it's something you hear a lot around here. We are all from Paradise, California which suffered the biggest wildfire in California history last November. We all still live nearby but luckily didn't lose our homes. Friends and close family we're not so lucky. It has been rough. Most of the town is a "burn scar" - ironically though, all the lyrics that were written for the album were written before the fires."

Burn Scar is available now via Seeing Red records

Rating 8/10