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Servant Leader Unveils New Track From Upcoming Album

Servant Leader is the solo project of Leigh Oates, frontman of UK band Xilla as well as being known for his vocal work with Order of Voices, Soldierfield, Rise To Addiction and Ninedenine

Releasing his debut solo effort last year entitled Raised By Wolves Oates is already pushing the follow-up and aptly titled Raised By Wolves Part 2. The first single to come from this new record is also of the same name.

The follow-up album is slated for release on May 28th 2021 and with it, Oates hopes to achieve similar success as he did with the first release which reached various Top 5 lists last year.

You can listen to the single ahead of the album release below,

The man himself had this to say;

"I wanted to release this material between my band endeavours and share it with you, this is just my take on things, all me, I've taken on all the songwriting and playing duties as well as the production - Just a great fun project for a musician! If it makes me rich then great if not it's been the best fun trying..."

You can find more at the links below...

Links: http://www.servantleaderband.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX23UEt296hvuddUC76 https://www.instagram.com/leigh_xilla/