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SELEFICE - I Met A God: In Focus

Continuing our focus on metal from around the world we find ourselves in Greece once again with Selefice and their EP I Met A God which released earlier this year.

The story of Selefice is an interesting one, the band formed in 1990 in Athens and were members of the emerging metal scene in the capital along with bands like Rotting Christ, Septicflesh, Acid Death, Nightfall, Piranha, Horrified, Septicemia, Epidemic and Selefice shared the stage with most of them.

Whilst they may have not garnered as much mainstream focus as Rotting Christ or Scepticflesh, their first demo was well received selling over 1000 copies worldwide via the now lost art of tape-trading. In 1993 Selefice released their only full album entitled "Where Is The Heaven" in vinyl format via Molon Lave Records and on CD through German label Soundphaze International. In 1994 due to several circumstances the band abruptly split up.

The split lead to the full length Where Is Heaven to become a cult classic as is the way these things tend to go. Many wondered what could have been if Selefice had remained

It would take the passing of almost 25 years for the band to return to the underground scene, seemingly to start all over again. A new generation of fans who missed their first inception now ready to discover their sound for themselves.

The reunion followed 2015 re-released the legendary demo on both vinyl and CD formats via Floga Records as part of a historical back catalogue releases across numerous artists. It was around this time, with renewed interest in the demo that Miltos J. (guitar/vocals) and Petros M. (guitar/backing vocals) decided to put the band back together.

Towards the close of 2017, the reanimated line up was complete with new members: Manos M. (bass/backing vox) and Vaggelis V. (drums) joining the ranks. Both new additions were veterans of the greek underground landscape having performed in bands such as Necromancy, Atavism, Internal Decadence to name a few.

Selefice re-appeared in local shows in Athens during 2018 and shared the stage with bands like Piranha, Daylight Misery, Show Your Face, Silent Winter and Speedrush whilst simultaneously composing new music and working extensively in the studio with Savvas Betinis of Acid Death the long-awaited follow up album, I Met a God.

This EP is in the band's words a collection of 4 tracks, 3 of which capture the band’s best material written in the period of 2017/2018 and the essence of the band’s new sound. while the 4th is a previously unreleased and never before heard track that dates back to the glory days of 94. There was a strong and positive reaction to the new material at live shows, continuing the resurgence of interest in the band.

I Met A God opens with the infectious Mora a dark, crawling track featuring a chanting, double pedal heavy opening before shifting to blackened thrash like centre, a mix of strained vocals and deeper, almost death-like growls. It's a punishing opener that sets the tone for the three remaining songs and is possibly the strongest of the three newly composed tracks.

Kol Haneshama follows next and is a chugging, heavy slower tempo affair. There is great guitar work central to the track, a nicely drawn out solo that takes over and leads the track in a different direction before shifting back towards the close.

Title track I Met A God is another strong offering and takes a style more akin to fellow Greeks Rotting Christ in aspects. Each of the three new tracks are boldly different from one another, giving the record depth and value in replaying. There is another beautiful section of bass and guitar work towards the end of I Met A God before we are lead into the final track, the previously archived Damned,

This bonus track, if you will fit right in on with its counterparts and shows the integrity that's been retained in the bands sound and approach. Compared to their earlier work I Met A God is a consistent follow-up. Their sound is a little tighter and less attuned to the earlier death metal style and has evolved beyond that into something unique to Selefice.

Take a look for yourself at the video for Mora below and head over to the official Bandcamp page to pick up a copy of the EP and support Selefice's return to the underground and beyond.