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Scattered Guts - The Wake: Review

Charging out of the scorching deserts of Arizona, stoner thrash outfit Scattered Guts have released their relentless second full-length album, The Wake.

If you like your thrash metal dirty and sun-blasted then The Wake will not disappoint, it’s rough around the edges, violent and punchy, it’s an impossible challenge to listen to this album and not, at the very least, nod your head the entire time.

Released independently The Wake features nine tracks of pure thrash with a stoner tint, pulverising drums, infectious thrash riffs and tight bass work, delivered by the raw and throaty vocals. There isn’t much to fault here, with thrash you traditionally get exactly what you asked for and this is very much the case here. The record encompasses everything you could want and need from an unapologetic underground outfit, whether you’re partying hard or you’re in need of some heavy venting Scattered Guts have you covered.

Title track The Wake and Cut to the Quick are easy standouts, threatening to blow your speakers to pieces while the chunky bass work of Toxic Shock will get you moving. There are so few weak points on the album that they aren’t worth mentioning when you consider this is an independent release. Scattered Guts are deserving of a large label’s interest at the very least and would do well on a large touring circuit, we’re sure it won’t be long before they become a familiar name on the thrash circuit.

The Wake is well worth checking out and is reasonably priced so head over to their Bandcamp below page and pick it up.


Rating 7/10