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Satyrus - Rites: Review

It's been said numerous times lately on this site, that there is a lot of high-quality stoner, doom and sludge music being released right now, especially from Europe. Here to add to the list is Satyrus from Italy who are throwing their debut record, Rites into the mix.

The is more of an extended EP when you look at the tracklist totalling just five songs but they are fairly lengthy giving the record the run time of an album. Rites is really a melting pot, (or witches cauldron if you want to fit the aesthetic) of the bands' influences and influencers of the genre as a whole when you boil it down.

We have the grooves of Pentagram, the fuzz and trudging tempos of YOB or Electric Wizard and some straight-up Black Sabbath all thrown in, that's not to say Satryus don't have their own sound, they very much do, they just wear their inspirations on their sleeve and have wrapped the whole thing in their own, gloomy, foreboding sonic styling.

The album kicks in after a rather lengthy intro that conjures up imagery of druids and black mass and if that's your thing, then you'll want to let this run on each playthrough of the album. Things pick up from there on opener 'Black Satyrus' which clocks in around elven minutes and is the perfect track to set the tone for the rest of the album as we're taken on a ride of hazy dark rituals and....rites. Stacked with imagery, groove, even some blues through in lightly here and there for good measure. If you're a fan of any of the aforementioned giants of the sub-genre then you'll be sure to enjoy this record.

The album is out now via a self-release and is available for a fair price on Satyrus' Bandcamp page.

Overall 7/10