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Sadistik Forest - Obscure Old Remains: Review

Finnish death metallers Sadistik Forest have made a triumphant return with their slick new EP Obscure Old Remains. The new four-track release follows up the critically acclaimed full-length Morbid Majestic released in 2018.

Forest are a band that you can't always guarantee what you're going to get, their sound includes so many layers but holds a distinctive identity to it. Effortlessly blending elements of Death Metal, Blackened Thrash, Black Metal and even a hint of Doom. All this is present on Obscure Old Remains. The EP is fresh and brilliantly builds on the standard set on Morbid Majestic.

Things here a bit more visceral yet still fluid and firmly puts them in the upper ranks of new wave death metal bands. All four tracks stand up on their own and complement each other well when consumed in the EP's entirety. While the first spin is great, you get the overall sense and feel of the release, it's not until you're three or four times around the record that you really get the appreciation of the subtleties and little touches littered throughout.

It's difficult to pick stand out tracks on a four-track EP so it's best to just dive in and check it out for yourself. If you've not heard Sadistik Forest before, this would be a great introduction before embarking on Morbid Majestic, you'll soon see what all the hype is about.

Obscure Old Remains is out now via Transcending Obscurity Records

Rating 8/10