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Ragnarök Festival 2019 - Preview

Sunday 17th November 2019 sees Ragnarök Festival hit Norwich, England for a full day of rock and metal from some of the best acts of the UK underground. We are looking to be in attendance, covering the show and in anticipation of this we're rounding up some of the acts that you should definitely check out.

Headliner - Blood Oath

One of the co-headliners, Blood Oath are best described as punchy and blackened old school death metal. The band were spawned in 2017 and have been working the UK circuit hard ever since. Having spilt blood in the Bloodstock Open Air arena, Uprising and HRH Metal festivals. The band have also crossed international borders with appearances in Romania where they featured on The Metalhead Meeting Festival with the likes of heavyweight names such as Kataklysm, Soulfly and Children Of Bodom.

"To the accidental tourist, they are a prowling venomous warrior daubed in war paint barking orders at a blood-soaked band, assaulting the ears with the sound of a rusty train crashing into a Viking horde. To the discerning death metal fan however, they are the face-ripping gurn of the riff, the chanting call to arms and the urge to start a sweat-soaked pit."

Debut album Kingdom of Dead Souls released in 2017 independently and the new album Infernum Rex Diabolus releases Nov 2nd 2019





Headliner - Sellsword

Sellsword are on the fringe of breaking through from the murky underground, a name some may know already, their sound is epic, catchy and symphonic metal. Hailing from York UK their debut effort And Now We Ride released in 2016 and was followed up this year with Unto The Breach.

In their own words, they describe themselves as "Mercenary" power metal" and power metal they most definitely are. Forged in 2013, Sellsword have been laying siege to many a venue across the UK. Honours include sharing the stage with names such as Heidevolk, Blaze Bailey, Moonsorrow, Manegarm & Red Rum. Sellsword have also applied their trade to several festivals, such as Warhorns 2014 and 2016, Sophie Fest 2015 & 2016, and the annual Jorvik Viking Festival gig in 2015 and 2017.

“Seriously Unserious Power/Heavy Metal from the walled city of Jorvik..”




Ward XVI

One of the more conceptual bands on the bill is Ward XVI. The six-piece have gathered a reputation for mixing various elements of just as various genres to produce some heavy tracks laced with haunting melodies and powerful female vocals. Peddled with synth and almost dark rave elements that meet metal, Ward XVI's sound is unique and attention-worthy, the band hail from Preston, UK.

The Art of Manipulation is a 12-Track concept album telling the introspective story of a female psychopath locked away in a high-security asylum. Throughout the album, she delves into her past life and tells the story of how she manipulated a man into killing for her using her feminine charm.

“The walls of Whittingham Hospital have corroded and 6 alleged psychopaths are on the loose.



Jackals Backbone

Jackals Backbone's downturned sludge tinted, gloomy metal sound is mixed with assaulting female vocals that at times can border on black metal. They are definitely an act to watch out for. Featuring on the bill of 2018's Bloodstock festival, Jackals Backbone are relentlessly blazing their own trail. Their Debut EP released in 2018 called Tear My Eyes Out to warm receptions and things certainly look bright for their future.

A North Herts-based Female fronted metal band with a variety of influences. Our sound is a blend of Sludge and Death Metal combined with the melodic sensibilities of thrash metal and our live shows have been known to have the groove and energy of a punk rock show which will make you struggle to stand still!!





Pure heavy metal from the heart of Manchester, UK. Deeply entrenched roots in NWOBHM and influences ranging from everything from hard rock and classic heavy metal to power and thrash metal, Stormrider's sound is raw, unfiltered power that fuses together with melodies and chunky riffs.

Formed 2017, Stormrider slowly but surely have established themselves on the North-West UK gig circuit and participated in Bloodstock's Metal 2 the Masses, alongside a spot on one of the biggest local festivals, the SOS Festival. The band can also boast having opened for the likes of Power Quest and Diamond Head.

In 2018 the band released their debut EP "Heavy Metal Machine" which was well-received by fans and critics alike.



Forlorn Hope

Merseyside five-piece, Forlorn Hope blend traditional heavy-metal sounds with majestic keyboards. Their sound can be labelled as epic, powerful and dramatic riff-filled metal with lyrical content based on military history, not unlike Sabaton.

Forlorn Hope seek to retell through music some of the most astounding stories in military history; affording these events the sense of drama, scale and intensity that they deserve while still delivering irresistibly punchy and hook-filled heavy metal.

Debut album, Over The Hills, released this year independently



We hope you check out these acts and others that are featured on the bill and show your support for underground UK metal, we'll be covering the show and will have a lot more coming your way once the dust has settled, so stay tuned for more from Ragnarök.