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Project Renegade - Order Of The Minus: Review

Hailing from Athens Greece, Project Renegade have dropped their debut full-length album recently so we've taken a look at what's on offer.

The four-piece was founded by vocalist Mariana who recruited drummer Ody, guitarist Nick K and bass slinger Jay. Their debut effort Order Of The Minus released on Halloween 2019 and followed the well-received EP Cerebra.

Order Of The Minus opens with a gloomy voice-over which leaks into the first track Liber8 via some samples and sirens but this adds the right level of flavour to the track, it's far-ranging and well-produced (as is the rest of the album) and is a healthy six-minute plus run time that doesn't feel overdone.

Mariana's vocals are powerful and deserve praise, reminiscent of Christina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) or Floor Jansen (Nightwish). Carrying the hard-hitting tracks with lofty vocals and delivering catchy hooks and choruses really help flesh out the vibe of the record. One that demands to be noticed but doesn't take its self too seriously. To elaborate, it feels like Project Renegade will have fun touring the album and produce enjoyable live shows but at the same time, they deliver an important message via their music. A message of unity, resistance and the importance of identity.

A message of unity, resistance and the importance of identity.

Musically there are some tight metal riffs and steady bass sections that really stand out during the slower moments, the drumming is consistent and weighty in all the right places. Order Of The Minus does feature a fair amount of production it must be said, it's not over-produced or over-engineered but there are one or two minor things that feel a little out of place, this doesn't derail the album, however, and will come down to personal taste.

Standout tracks include the aforementioned Liber8, alongside the nu-metal tinted In Another Life which chugs along nicely with its piano backing, Fear Factory flavoured riffs and Mariana's haunting vocals. Another strong contender is Respirator a blend of industrial and symphonic stylings that pays off.

Are Project Renegade Nu-Metal? Are they industrial, symphonic? In truth, they are a bit of all of those genres, They extract the best parts of all of the above and work them into their own sound. Order Of The Minus is a well-constructed album, yes it's been finely polished in the studio but like the lyrical themes, it retains its identity and integrity.

Rating 7/10