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Preview: OAK - Lone

OAK was formed by members of black metal unit Gaerea praised for taking the genre forward and seamlessly integrating their wide range of influences from other genres including sludge and hardcore. Gaerea forged their own defiant and unique sound before Guilherme Henriques (Vocals/Guitars) and Pedro Soares (Drums) embarked on a new project to form OAK.

OAK's sound has been described as scintillating death/doom metal that's expansive and harrowing. That is an incredibly accurate description when it comes to OAK's sound, a continuation of the progressive and forward-thinking attitude applied to Gaerea.

Their first full-length album Lone is due out December 20th on Transcending Obscurity Records The music effortlessly shifts between calmingly slow and atmospheric and heavy, dirty doom metal. There are themes of despair, helplessness and fear within OAK's sound but Lone remains a solid record recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ricardo Oliveira at Stone Sound Studios this eagerly anticipated release showcases everything doom metal can be when the boundaries are pushed, this is superbly showcased on the near twenty minutes long Mirror which feels like two or three songs combined, such is its range.

Anyone who appreciates death/doom and ambient heavy music will find this release incredibly hard to stop spinning.

Pre-orders are open and there are a number of bundles available via Transcending Obscurity.