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Possessor - Damn The Light: Review

Anyone that knows me personally or has read a lot of my work both here and on other platforms will know that I am a big fan of stoner, sludge and doom so I'm always excited when the opportunity arises to review fresh entries to the genre.

London's Possessor may not overtly label themselves as sludge or doom but they most definitely fit the bill with their down and dirty bass tones that threaten to crack the walls, their fuzzed-out guitars,and distant vocals. There is a lot more to them, however, as they also transcend the genre and become their own unique beast with range and depth to their sound.

Damn The Light is the band's latest release and is set to drop on the eve of Halloween this year, October 30th, via APF Records. It's the first record for the band to feature new drummer Nathan Perrier (11Paranoias, Satan’s Wrath, Capricorns) and was written entirely during the UK Lockdown using only virtual sessions.

The end result is a dirty, hazy, ass-kicking rip and tear through ten tracks with high energy and low tones. The promo material that accompanied this record stated "This mausoleum of riffs and madness will take your soul and wake the dead". For PR, this is incredibly accurate and I kind of wish I'd thought of such a line. The album is also drenched in old school horror vibes, from its incredible cover art by Alexandre Goulet to its lyrical tone, this is especially prominent on tracks 'Scalpel' and 'Take it To The Grave'.

Playing through the album, you'd never know it was birthed under such extraordinary circumstances and it stands another fine example of the metal world taking something as monumental as a global pandemic in its stride and flipping it the middle finger. That being said, this is a record that needs to be taken on the road at the first opportunity. filling intimate venues and then some as this band inevitably rise through the ranks. The sooner this can be enjoyed live, the better!

Bass lovers are sure to get a huge kick out of the record as it features some truly infectious bass work that feels like molten lava coursing through your veins via your ears. That's in addition to the blistering guitar work that when combined, underpins the whole thing, impressive drumming and haunting tortured vocals serving as the finishing touch.

Genius in places, frightening in others but heavy everywhere with a sound sitting somewhere between Conan, High on Fire, and Dopelord, Damn The Light is set to be one of the star releases this Halloween.

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Rating 9/10