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Panzerwar - Warlord: Review

It feels good to be back! We're not the only ones who have made a return though, Panzerwar have hit the scene once again with a new release set to be available on October 3rd.

Warlord is the seventh release from the Alberta based and Vinland inspired Black Metal project. Consisting of Seven songs WarlordI is a restless and relentless beast that plays out like a tempest set to a gloomy, dramatic, and damn right evil black metal soundtrack. The record easily conjures imagery ranging from stormy seas, Norsemen trampling coastal towns, to haunted, war-torn cityscapes.

This is not a release for the timid or the fringe metal fan, this is for those seeking the blackest assault on the senses direct from the underground. When delivering full throttle, blast beats, and layers of distortion, Warlord manifests itself in searing guitar riffs and dark rhythmic sections.

Title track Warlord, Óðinnblót, and The Hammer Will Be Raised are all standout examples of what's on offer, and that's not to take anything away from the rest of the record. Panzerwar chaneel the likes of titans like Bathory, Immortal, and Dark Throne as they crush everything in sight on this album with not a second thought giving to easing up or turning down.

If you like your Metal delivered like a tank shell with the force of Thor's hammer then this is the ideal release for you!

Pick up your slice of the mayhem on Bandcamp ahead of a physical release

Rating 8.5/10