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Pantheon release vinyl edition of Age of Wolves

Are you in the market for some brand new but good old fashioned blackened death thrash metal with groove elements? You are? Then you're in luck my friend, Today Arkansas' Pantheon unleashes the vinyl edition of their first full-length Age of Wolves. The vinyl is now available from Doc Records and Vidar Records for Europe, Old Shadows Records for South America, and Necrotic Records for North America, whom the band originally released the debut album through both digitally and on CD in July 2020. The vinyl edition features two exclusive bonus tracks 'Arcane Oath' and the band's cover of Black Sabbath's underrated classic 'Hand of Doom'.

The band commented on the vinyl release, stating,

"Age of Wolves is an intricate merging of heavier, mid-paced poundage with the older, fast-paced death/thrash character. Its old-school styles will feel familiar and nostalgic to veteran metal fans but does it in such a way that it feels new and fresh. We wanted to give the fans a throwback to the glory days of death metal and give them something they can headbang to and enjoy."

Age of Wolves is recommended for fans of Dissection, Carcass, At The Gates, and Dying Fetus, dripping with old school death metal vibes, tinged with black elements, this is a really meaty and fulfilling release, fun to listen to, easy to jam to and packed full of fantastic riffs and drum lines.

Vinyl order available at the following links:

Necrotic Records - North America

Old Shadows Records - South America

Doc Records - Europe

Vidar Records

Digital and CD available at the following links:


Apple Music

Bandcamp (CD)