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Ormskrik - Ormskrik: Review

Hailing from the west coast of Norway, Ormskrik have been creating blackened thrash since their formation back in 2015. Their sound is constructed in their rehearsal space inside a run-down and abandoned yarn factory that the band converted themselves. While blackened Thrash is very much on the rise, Ormskrik are helping evolve and elevate the sub-genre even further with their relentless attack which fuses bay area thrash, Norwegian black metal and Swedish death metal into a sound that sits somewhere between Behemoth and Exodus.

Their self titled debut album was produced at the legendary Dugout Productions by Daniel Bergstrand who has worked with the likes of In Flames, Meshuggah, Soilwork, Dimmu Borgir and the aforementioned Behemoth, not a bad hire for their debut full length. Norwegian underground label Fysisk Format picked up Ormskrik to release the record internationally.

As alluded to, this record is relentless and shifts like a maddening desert with tight, crunchy riffs, pounding double pedals and throat splitting vocals underpinned by marauding bass. 'Oblation', 'March of the Dead' and 'Deathwind' are all standouts and great showcases of the band's skill on the first half of the album.

A short respite comes halfway through with the soft interlude 'Vegen Til' before it's back to business as usual with the absolutely crushing 'Helheim; which follows. After this, the three remaining racks close out the album with similar intensity. To use a possibly strange explanation this is an album that makes you really notice the silence that immediately follows it's ending, such is its high-intensity sound if that makes sense.

To sign off, this is a strikingly impressive debut from a young band that knows how to put together some quality metal and who will surely continue to push the envelope as they progress through their career, keep a close on this band.

Overall 9/10