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Five Metal Bands To Watch In 2020

Now that we've found our feet with the new year and we've all survived January it's time to look ahead at what the metal landscape may well be shaped by over the coming months, especially the summer. Here's Metal Saves' rundown of the top five bands to keep an eye on this year.


UK up and coming tech death metal unit Viscera are due to releases their debut album, Obsidian March 6th on Unique Leader Records. It's with good reason that there is hype building around the band and the release. Comprised of former members of Heart of a Coward, Abhorrent Decimation, Martyr Defiled and more, Viscera could be viewed as somewhat of an underground supergroup and it explains why Obsidian is such a tight, concise debut offering.

The band will be bringing their album on the road and we're excited to see their live show, expect to see some support slots and smaller headline shows announced once the album is out in the wild.

Viscera are set up to take the UK and European death metal scenes by storm, a rightfully so. Obsidian will certainly raise standards and garner attention come release day.

Temple Of Void

Hailing from the dark depths of Detroit, Temple Of Void are gearing up to release their third studio album, The World That Was on March 27th. This is the follow up to 2017's excellent Lords Of Death.

Criminally overlooked, Temple Of Void's sound is chaotic, dirty and damned heavy. The World That Was is destined to continue this with the murky release of Casket of Shame as a digital single giving us a teaser of what's to be expected on the album. Hopefully, a decent tour cycle both in and outside of the US will follow.

If you're unfamiliar check out Lords Of Death and Of Terror And The Supernatural to get acquainted with the filthy metal these guys conjure up. Once you're up to speed get your pre-order in for the new release.

Power Trip

Many think the future of Thrash metal rests in the hands of Power Trip and it's easy to see why. Combining the fury and atmosphere of old school bay area thrash, the Texan outfit mixed in their own blend of brutality and sonic assault. Their debut studio album Manifest Decimation was well received and got momentum rolling before 2017's follow up Nightmare Logic resonated even louder with fans,

A new single Hornets Nest and a collection of re-released old tracks have filled the gap since Nightmare Logic but more is on the way and if the trend of stellar album after stellar album is to be followed this third outing could well and truly put Thrash right back on top. Combine their zero-fucks given attitude and aggressive yet engaging live show and you've got the winning formula.


Winners of Metal Saves' very own album of the year 2019, Arizona's Gatecreeper are riding high on the waves of success Deserted has brought them. Grimey, desert scorched death metal never sounded so good and Gatecreepers appeal continues to grow month on month. As they look to continue touring Deserted well into 2020 expect to see more from these boys and make sure to catch them on the road if given the chance.

Gatecreeper are truly a stand out example in a crop of really exciting new metal acts which promises great things for the near future, mark our words, Gatecreeper will be leading the charge of this next generation.


Australia is a hotbed of top-notch metal at the moment and Xenobiotic are looking to keep it that way. Their upcoming sophomore album Mordrake is set for release February 21st via Unique Leader and is the follow up to 2018's underappreciated Prometheus.

Punishingly heavy, Mordrake scored high in our review and is set to win over entire legions of fans who like their death metal brutal, technical and progressive all wrapped up together. Keep an eye out for Xenobiotic on the road for a tour cycle promoting Mordrake later in the year.