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Ody (Project Renegade) Speaks To Metal Saves

We recently spoke to Ody from Project Renegade who kindly took the time to field some of our questions.

MS - How did the band come together?

Marianna and I (Ody) grew up together since we were teenagers and we’ve been playing in bands together ever since. We found Nick through an ad (Yeah that still works from time to time) we put in a musical website and later on, we added Jay in the band. Jay and I have been friends together for a while and it only seemed fitting that he took over the 4string (or in our case 5string) duties of the band.

MS - What's the story behind the name Project Renegade?

Well, in the beginning, we didn’t have a band so we referred to it as a “project” so that kinda stuck with us, later on, we chose “Renegade” because it describes our way of life. We were seeing all those behavioural motives and the need to conform due to peer pressure and we never took part in any of that. A person who participates in a collective and [then] leaves that collective group of people is known as a renegade. So there you have it Project Renegade!

It’s funny cause we have been given a bunch of different characterizations and we like it!

MS - We mentioned in our review that your music has hints of industrial and symphonic among others but how would you describe your sound?

It’s a collection of our experiences and our musical journey, the stimuli that we were exposed in our upbringing – whether be it musical or social. We put everything that assembles our identity in our music and that’s what you hear. Every genre is like a different piece of a complex puzzle and it would be hard for us to ignore something that contributes into what we think is the highest form of art. That’s why we have a hard time describing what we do because it is a representation of our personalities. And personalities are multifaceted. Therefore you can hear the elements you mentioned but also other elements like groove, electronic, gothic, metalcore, alternative etc. It’s funny cause we have been given a bunch of different characterizations and we like it!

MS- Order of the Minus is your first full-length release, what was your approach to making the album and what did you want to do differently to your EP, Cerebra?

We were coming from a place of clarity I would say. We realized what we wanted to do and what we were able to do within our knowledge and by pushing ourselves so we wanted to take “Cerebra” and put it on steroids and move on from there. We always strive to have a natural evolution so we don’t want to move forward in an extreme way but we definitely want to move forward because if you go too far or change too much or if you stay and rehash what you were doing…you could crash and burn! We definitely went for a bigger production and with wanted to collaborate with recognized professionals whose work we admire like Forrester Savell for the mixing/mastering of the album and Gustavo Sazed for the artwork.

MS- There is a clear, positive message behind the album, what inspired this and who is this message aimed at?

We are destroying ourselves and our society as humans, in an accelerated way, all this negativity all this segregation, racism, war, all this rejection. It needs to stop. We need to come together cause we are not so different. We are all humans. That I think is what inspired us to make the record. We all have lost something and this might actually be the only thing that we have in common in an age where we focus on our differences when we should focus on our similarities. A loss might actually be the one thing that unites us right now in order to start winning our lives back.

This record is for everyone, is aimed at everyone who wants to support what we are all about and that is “Unity through diversity”. If you feel lost, this record is for you, if you want to make a difference in this world for the better, this record is for you, if you want a better life full of peace harmony and a natural co-existence, this record is for you…Like I said this record is for everyone, everybody is welcome in Project Renegade!

If you feel lost, this record is for you, if you want to make a difference in this world for the better, this record is for you, if you want a better life full of peace harmony and a natural co-existence, this record is for you…

MS - What is your song written process?

Well, we don’t have a specific one. Usually, I have a riff or a beat and we work on that with Nick and then Marianna and I add all the orchestral and electronic stuff and then Marianna spends time on her vocals alone 99%. Maybe she’ll ask me for advice or a suggestion here and there but she’s a very knowledgeable and very well versed musician so she is very independent in her creative process but yeah…We don’t have a specific way of doing stuff we’re just open to inspiration because you don’t know when it’s gonna hit you!

MS - Do you have plans to take Order of the Minus on tour?

Hell yeah! We are negotiating relentlessly at the moment so expect a few announcements soon!

MS - Who or what inspires you as artists?

Pffft…Very good question…I am inspired by people that have nothing to do with music like philosophers, alternative teachers, writers, comic book superheroes, movie protagonists because I am searching for a certain type of message and I let the music speak through that…The other guys are inspired mostly by musicians regarding their instrument. If they are inspired from stuff outside music, well I wouldn’t know that hahaha! I’ll say this though a musician that is a constant inspiration to us is Devin Townsend, that dude is out of this world!

MS - There are a number of good bands emerging from Greece at the moment (yourselves included) would you agree the metal scene there is growing?

Band-wise...Of course! No doubt! We are very proud because our scene is making a statement right now! We are not slowly building this up, we are knocking the door down and we are putting people on notice! I mean Hell…there are probands out there that cannot hold their own compared to some bands that we have here in Greece! Hopefully, every band from our little country will get to enjoy a great success worthy of their effort!

MS - What artists are you yourselves currently listening to?

Hmmm, I listen a lot to a lot of Sylosis right now, Twelve foot Ninja is another one that can’t find myself to stop listening to, new Korn is absolutely stellar, new Slipknot is amazing and I really dig the new single by Body Count. There is so much great new music and so little time man!

A huge thank you to Ody for taking the time to answer our questions, check out our review for Project Renegades album, Order of the Minus here