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Nemesium - Continua: Review

Australia based five peice death metal battalion Nemesium are set to unleash their first full-length album, Continua on an unsuspecting public via Black Lion Records of June 12th.

Composed of twelve utter crushing and brutal death metal tracks, Continua stacks up as one of the heavier albums of the summer. Billed as a series of cautionary tales about torturous struggles and transition into a new age not to mention the ultimate decimation of the world around us (eerily apt at the time of writing). The album is the follow up to the 2015 EP, Sentient Cognizance. The record moves the band into a space darker and more twisted than ever before as they begin to navigate their way around the extreme metal spectrum.

The singles released ahead of the album are perfect examples of the weight and crushing sonic assault that can be expected upon release with many more surprises and crushingly heavy tracks left in reserve on the rest of the album. 'Boundaryless' (featured below) and 'Annihilation Prophecy' are two shining examples of titanic heaviness and complexity while tracks such as 'The Fire And The Flesh', 'Relive This Nightmare', and 'Archetype' serve up pure chaotic death metal with a platter of ripping riffs and deafening drums.

Continua is the complete package, exactly what you'd want from an up and coming death metal group, no punches are pulled and nothing is off-limits, get excited for these guys are things are about to light up with them on the scene.

Overall: 8/10