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Mothers Of The Land - Hunting Grounds: Review

Mothers Of The Land are a rising stoner/psych hailing from Vienna, Austria and were founded in 2012. Hunting Grounds, the band's second album released in June and is gathering speed due it's Floyd-like bass and duel guitar complements that intertwine to create an old school journey across the records six tracks.

Having shared the stage with the likes of Asteroid, Elder and Red Fang, Mothers Of The Earth know how to play up to a crowd and they will be doing just that when they can hit the road again and promote this record live.

Hunting Grounds as we said is made up of six tracks but each one is lengthy and concise, are no cut corners to be found here, being an instrumental act means there is more room for the music to speak for itself. From the outset of the opening 'Harvest' to the title track 'Hunting Grounds' and the following 'The Beast', all three bounce off of each other well and feel like natural extensions of each other.

At the midway point, things move in a different direction with a tempo change that finds it's pace again with the excellent and standout 'Queen of the Den' that mirrors the first half of the album and connects perfectly it the two songs that follow it, 'Sanctuary' and 'Showdown'. There is an epic story being told here without the use of lyrics and it's one you can follow in your own way, guided gently by the licks riffs and drum loops.

Hunting Grounds is a superb example of heavy Psych metal with a conceptual twist and is well worth checking out for anyone with an interest in the genre.

Overall 8/10