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Moon And Azure Shadow - Age Of Darkness And Frost: Review

One man Black Metal machine, Moon And Azure Shadow has released a second independent album, Age Of Darkness And Frost.

Founded in 2012, this one man project, in the words of the artist himself “Seeks to combine influences from Japanese Soundtracks and Atmospheric Black Metal to create an immersive dark and ethereal sound"

That mission is well and truly accomplished on this sophomore record. To simply say this album is atmospheric would be to do it a huge injustice, the soundscapes created are so haunting and sorrowful they effortlessly find a way to permeate your mind, incredibly immersive and memorable as they are, they are also intersected with black metal of the purest form.

Age Of Darkness And Frost is an epic journey of bleak, frozen and tortured imagery as you descend into the conceptual ideas of the album. The feeling you’re entering a different world is ever-present and we can frankly say this one of the most immersive albums we've heard in a long time.

Those parts of the record that showcase the black metal elements of the project don’t overpower or take anything away from the overall feel of the tracks they feature on, much like the way Zeal & Ardor or Chelsea Wolfe integrate the tempo and style switch-ups into their respective works seamlessly, the same can be said here.

If you want a taste of what Age Of Darkness And Frost has to offer, take a look at the promo video below before heading over to the Bandcamp page to pick up your copy.

Rating 8/10