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Metal Against Coronavirus Project release new single 'On the Edge of Consciousness'

Heavy Metal charity supergroup Metal Against Coronavirus continues its call to arms for the international metal community of both bands and musicians to take the fight to the global pandemic and raise funds to battle Coronavirus. The plan is to slay the virus with crushing metal as soon as possible so that we may all get back out onto the stage or into the pit and you can do your part by buying the new single.

The project in their own words state,

“Metal Against Coronavirus presents a new display of brutality to raise funds for the fight against the pandemic. Musicians from TERRORIZER, SOZIEDAD ALKOHOLIKA, FOSCOR and SURVIVAL IS SUICIDE team up for 'On The Edge Of Consciousness', the new single from Metal Against Coronavirus.

This track is composed by the brothers Epojè and Zaratozom from Survival Is Suicide and with the lyrics and voice of the great Sam Molina from Terrorizer. 'On The Edge Of Consciousness' is a collaboration between two continents with Falke, Foscor guitar, Isaac González on keyboards ( Survival Is Suicide), Andoni Bassman from Extinction and Phthisis - Bilbao on bass and Alfred Berengena's on drums (Soziedad Alkoholika ).

The mix and the master have also been masterfully done by Alfred Berengena at his own Your Sound Recording Studio, while the famous Matt Cavotta (Autopsy (Official), Magic: The Gathering) has produced the artwork. To top it all off, the lyric video has been created by Gabriel Alcón ‘Falke’ from Visualnoisebarcelona.

Make your small contribution to the cause by purchasing 'On The Edge Of Consciousness' at our official Bandcamp."


Metal Against Coronavirus is

Sam Molina - Vocals (Terrorizer)

Falke - Guitars (Foscor)

Isaac Gonzalez - Keyboards (Survival Is Suicide)

Andoni Bassman - Bass (Exctinction/ Phthisis - Bilbao)

Alfred Berengena - Drums (Soziedad Alkoholika)

Music by Epojè & Zaratozom of Survival Is Suicide

Lyrics by Sam Molina (Terrorizer)

Mixed and Mastered by Alfred Berengena from Your Sound Recording Studio

Artwork by Matt Cavotta