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Marijannah - Istanah: Review

Marijannah has been kicking around on the stoner/doom metal scene for a few years now creating, fuzzy, stoned out grooves to lose your mind too. Hailing from Singapore and boasting members of two of the island's most welled toured and experienced bands, Wormrot & The Caulfield Cult.

Their latest release Istanah released in early December 2019 via local label ACPHC (All Cool People Hate Christ). The six-track LP features ludicrously fuzzed-out bass tones, clean vocals and the expected hints of psychedelia all packaged neatly into a doom metal parcel. 1966 the second track on the album is possibly the best example of this and encompasses the band's entire range in one track, there are harmonic vocals and blistering guitars, crashing drums, catchy verses and of course that ever-present, high level of distortion.

Much of the same can be said for Shapeless another full-bodied strand out track that adds to the overall depth of the album. Drawn out guitar sections and meandering bass tones install weight into the track and maintains the pace of the record all in all.

We speed up a little with the crushing yet oddly titled Spiderwalk With Me. Another display of the band's range and a track that doubles the dosage of psychedelic influence to deliver a spaced out, groove-laden ride.

Istanah is just that, a ride, a damn fun ride as well, full of character, a great vibe and some really crunchy tones thrown out for audiences to vibe with, combine that with the utterly beautiful album art and you have a winning combo.

This is yet another strong release in a seemingly endless stream of great stoner/doom music on the radar right now.

Overall - 8/10