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Lostpray - Preistianity: Review

Based out of Odesa, Ukraine, Lostpray promise you thrash metal like you've never heard it before and they live up to that promise in the most intriguing fashion.

The band's most recent release, Preistianity, offers something of a hybrid between folk metal and modern thrash metal thanks to Lostpray having found their niche by blending the cultures of their Turkish and Ukranian members. They have carved out their own section of the thrash world, layering in traditional instruments amongst the riffing guitars and high tempo drums.

Nothing about this album is expected, it's off the wall and as unpredictable as it is original, but most importantly, it works well. There are plenty of surprises in store along the way, with the relatively short tracklisting which makes this more of an EP than an album.

To put it simply Lostpray are fiercely proud of their identity and unafraid to showcase that in their music, using thrash as the medium. The result is one of the most listenable and interesting records we've come across in quite some time and a record that could easily offer competition to bands with a larger slice of the market.

Some have called Preistanity a sleeper hit and that is exactly what this is, a breath of fresh air in a strong genre that's producing high-quality music. Quite frankly, Lostrpray deserves some more eyes on them and some attention thrown their way. It's time for this sleeping giant to awaken from its slumber and make itself known.

Rating 4/5 - (EP's rated out of 5)