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Lifetaker - Pit Viper: Review

The glorious chaos that is Lifetaker continues on their brand new release Pit Viper, a nine-track journey of crust, grind, hardcore, and metal thrown in your face like prison napalm.

The second release of the year, following up on February's Night Intruder, Pit Viper amp's everything up one step more, pushing the boundaries of their already unhinged take on grind and crust. The pace is never comprised, neither is the intensity, this is a record for fans of the extreme, there is absolutely no room for anyone outside of the genre here and that is fine, an uncompromising collection of aggression and technicality is put on display with no holds barred.

Recorded by Tonmeisterei Oldenburg and Lifetaker with mixing and mastering duties also falling to Oldenburg the record moves with the speed of an unseen assailant and packs just as much of a punch, an audio mugging if you will.

Standout tracks include Wire Mother, Abyssal, and Filtheater which all happen to appear one after the other and create the apex of the insanity on this record. Pit Viper sees a Tape release handled by Lower Class Kids Records and Tjueto Cvlt with a Vinyl release put together by the band themselves

Enough talk though, this is an album that you need to hear if you like your metal fast, crusty, ground down into chunks, and fired into your ears at breakneck speeds. Check this one out at the band's Bandcamp where you also find the physical releases.

Rating 9/10